Healthy Coffee Creamer Swaps

Jun 7, 2022
Coffee is important. To many, it’s the way we start each day, and it brings a little cup of happiness to our morning. If you’re someone who likes a little cream in their coffee, you know it can be hard to find one that is made with real ingredients, and also tastes amazing.
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Although there are many options that read as dairy free, (which might make them see healthy), using the Trash Panda app can help you see which ingredients to look out for. We are sharing our secrets to coffee creamer swaps with you, mainly with no questionable or potentially harmful ingredients at all. The options we’ve chosen are committed to high-quality, real ingredients - and you can taste the difference!

Let's say no to this...

Coffee Mate Coconut Creme Flavor Coffee Creamer

This Coffee Mate creamer has more additives than you could imagine! It contains ingredients such as artificial flavor, cellulose gel and gum, carrageenan, and even vegetable oil. These ingredients could have major impacts to your health if consumed every day.

and yes to these!

Picnik Unsweetened Keto Creamer

For all our milk lovers, the Picnik keto creamer is a great option to still enjoy the taste of a milk creamer in your coffee, but avoid any nut allergies that you may find in other healthy creamers.

So Delicious Organic Coconutmilk Creamer

With only 5 ingredients, the So Delicious organic creamer is a great alternative for when you want the taste of a creamer but none of the additives. This creamer, made with coconut milk, is 100% Trash Panda approved and a great option!

Califia Farms Unsweetened Almondmilk Creamer

If you are a fan of almond milk just like we are, the Califia Farms almond milk creamer with coconut is one of the best options that we have found. Although it does have some natural flavors, it is better than most others when it comes to almond milk!

Laird Superfood Creamer

The Laird superfood creamer is an amazing option for not only the taste of your coffee, but also as a way to incorporate superfoods into your diet. This creamer has no flagged ingredients and only ones that we say YES to!

Lava Unsweetened Dairy Free Plant Creamer

This dairy free plant creamer from Lava is both clean and is also a great substitute for milk in other things such as cereal or baking! Its taste is not too sweet and not too nutty, but just the right amount of delicious!
If you try any of these picks in your morning joe, let us know on Instagram! And don’t forget to use the Trash Panda app to find the good stuff. Happy shopping!
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