Trash Panda Affiliate Program

What is Trash Panda?

Trash Panda is a free app that enables users to get information about the ingredients quality of their food with a quick barcode scan. Our mission is to help people find the good: empowering them to understand food labels while grocery shopping so they can make more informed choices.
Ultimately, we want to increase the demand for foods made with real ingredients, making them more accessible to everyone.

Why Become a Trash Panda Affiliate?

Joining our affiliate program allows you to share the Trash Panda mission with your audience and promote ingredient transparency on your platform. Although the Trash Panda app is free to download, being an affiliate means that you will proactively share Trash Panda with your audience, and in return receive affiliate-only perks, including:
$1 for every free download that comes from your unique referral link
A free year of the premium membership (valued at $39.99)
Free resources to share with your audience
An opportunity to have your content featured to our audience

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re interested in becoming a Trash Panda affiliate please fill out this form to apply: Trash Panda Affiliate Program

What You’ll Do

If selected, you will receive access to a Trash Panda premium membership.
This is a gifted affiliate program, which means we require you to produce content in exchange for the premium membership and affiliate code. You can use any social media platform to create content (Instagram & TikTok preferred) and you must post your content within two weeks of being approved for the program.
Reach out to with any questions!
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