About Us

Why Trash Panda?

Raccoons are nicknamed "trash pandas" due to their similar fur coloring to cute pandas. And their love of raiding our trash cans for food, which is less cute. While they naturally have an omnivorous diet of nuts, berries and insects — today we often find them eating our garbage. Trash Panda represents our mission to identify the trash (aka risky ingredients) when foraging for food to find better options. Ultimately, we want to drive demand for better quality products and increase their availability for everyone.

We Believe Ingredients Matter

Food should be made out of food, not chemicals. Right? The Trash Panda App provides quick insights into ingredients and recommends healthier products as you’re shopping — both online and in-store. We want you to feel educated and empowered to find the right food for you or your family.

Transparency is Key

You have the right to know what’s in your food, and food companies should be more transparent about what goes into their products. Since they’re not, we’re here to help you easily understand each ingredient list. So next time you go to grab food off the shelf, you can make informed decisions about what you actually want for you and your family.

Better Quality Means Better Health

We believe food is core to our well-being and everyone has the right to healthy, high-quality products. Whether you’re keto, vegan or anything in between, quality food made with real ingredients is fundamental to feeling good inside and out.