Ever been confused by ingredient labels? Us too. Those food additives or flavorings can be really tricky to understand. That’s why Trash Panda is here — to flag potentially risky ingredients to make choosing healthier options even easier. Get the Trash Panda food scanner app and find your good in grocery stores now.
The Trash Panda app helps you easily decode confusing food labels to avoid harmful ingredients like red dye 40 or brominated vegetable oil. With a simple barcode scan, you can understand exactly what you’re eating. We even provide the scientific research behind our flagged ingredients – just give them a tap to read the linked studies. Empower yourself with Trash Panda and make more informed food choices for your health.

How It Works

Scan - Simply scan the barcode on a packaged food to see ingredient information.
Snap - If the product’s barcode isn’t in our database, no worries! Just snap a pic of the ingredient list, and the Trash Panda app will show its information immediately.
Search - Use the search function to look for specific products or find recommended healthy options.
Lists - Browse our shopping lists for Trash Panda-approved products across a variety of grocery stores, food types, events, and more. Plus, you can create your own lists to make grocery shopping a breeze.

Customize your Experience

With a Premium Membership in the Trash Panda app, you can personalize your flagged ingredients based on your dietary needs, like gluten-free or dairy-free, making it simple to navigate a world of changing dietary requirements or restrictions.

Shop with Confidence

Feel good about your groceries with Trash Panda, the food scanning app. You can shop with confidence knowing exactly what your food is made of. Get started for free today.
Reading ingredients made easy. For quicker, healthier decisions.
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