Ice Cream Picks

Jun 6, 2023
With summer finally here, we've got one thing on our minds: ice cream. The problem? The freezer aisle can be especially tricky to navigate and is FULL of labels that promise clean and healthy ingredients. This is where Trash Panda comes in handy! This week, we're giving a list of some of our favorite ice cream brands, ingredients to look out for, and premium members can get the full ice cream shopping list. Plus, some dairy-free picks; which members can now flag for dairy or gluten in the app✨!

What to Look out For

Here are some potentially harmful/questionable ingredients that are often found in ice cream products - click the links to learn more:
Emulsifiers like Cellulose Gum or Cellulose Gel
Sugar alcohols like Erythitol, Maltitol, or Glycerin
Artificial Colors like Red 40

Some Brands We ❤️

Straus Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream

For that rich, classic ice cream taste, we choose Straus Family Creamery every time. They use grass-fed, organic milk in all their products from butter, to yogurt, to sour cream, and milk. Their ice cream is no exception, with no potentially harmful or questionable ingredients in most of their flavors.

Dolcezza Roasted Strawberry Gelato

Dolcezza is known for it's dense, smooth gelatos that use locally sourced ingredients. They offer a range of flavors, such as this Roasted Strawberry, and may be found at Whole Foods or on Amazon.

Van Leeuwen Sicilian Pistachio Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen ice cream prioritizes simple, high-quality ingredients. In using only ingredients you can pronounce, you can taste the difference. This pistachio ice cream will keep you cool and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dairy-Free Picks

Cado Vanilla Bean Frozen Dessert

Cado's dairy-free frozen dessert is made from avocado fat to create a rich and creamy texture. Plus Cado, like this Vanilla Bean flavor, is free from GMOs, artifical flavors, corn syrup, and other sugar alternatives that may be found in other dairy-free picks.

Cosmic Bliss Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence

Finally, another dairy-free pick is Cosmic Bliss (formerly known as Coconut Bliss). This Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence flavor is organic, uses coconut milk, and is perfectly sweet. Plus, Cosmic Bliss uses sustainable practices, leading to less CO2 emissions per pint than other conventional ice cream brands.
You can find the full Ice Cream Shopping list here (for Premium Members only). Stay cool this summer & happy scanning!
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