Clean Ingredient Beach Day Snacks For Kids

Jul 18, 2023
Heading to the beach soon? We've got some healthy snack recommendations to throw in your beach bag. While so many products can be marketed towards kids promising health claims, the ingredient label never lies - and Scout loves a beach day! For the full list of 30+ TP approved products, check out the list here.
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Clean Ingredient Beach Day Snacks
Scout loves a beach day!
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Lesser Evil Power Curls

We love all things Lesser Evil because of their emphasis on real & nutritious ingredients. These power curls are loaded with pea protein, cassava flour, and made with avocado oil. High in protein, deliciously crunchy, and perfect for the beach.

Solely Mango & Orange Fruit Gummies

This fruit gummy comes straight from the tree! Solely makes the fruit snacks we all know and love, but with none of the additives or colorings that often come with it.

Chloe's Blueberry Pops

A box of these popsicles from Chloe’s claims they’re “just fruit, water, and cane sugar - that’s it!” After a scan through Trash Panda, we believe them. Instead of a beach pop that’s filled with chemical additives and who-knows-what-else, give Chloe’s a try!

TP Approved PB&J

We also thought we'd give our picks for a beach day peanut butter and jelly. Some jellies and nut butters can contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or seed oils. Our picks?
Peanutbutter Co for peanut butter, or Artisana Organics for Almond Butter
Dave's Powerseed Bread or Bread SRSLY for a gluten free option
Be sure to give these products a try on your next beach day (or really any day, for that matter). Premium members have access to the full list of products here. Happy Trash Panda Tuesday & happy scanning!

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