3 Tips for Feel-Good Snacking

Sep 20, 2022
When it comes to packaged products, it’s easy to find yourself misled in the grocery store. Flashy packaging, confusing marketing claims, and never-ending ingredient lists are more and more common. Worst of all, these products have the ability to make you feel any range of negative side-effects: bloating, tiredness, headaches, and more. Does that mean you have to give up all your favorite snacks? Of course not! This week, we’re sharing 3 strategies for better-for-you snacking focused on functional ingredients. To exemplify what feel-good snacking is all about, we’re showing off our friends at LesserEvil.
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Check Ingredient Labels

Packaging is often intentionally misguiding; some brands want to leave you with a better impression of their product than what it may really consist of. However, this is not everyone! When reading the label, here are some green flags you should look for:
No genetically modified ingredients.
No refined sugars.
No refined salts.
No antibiotics or hormones.
No preservatives.
No artificial flavors or colors.
No vegetable or hydrogenated oils.
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Choose Functional Snacks

What is functional snacking? It’s snacking that does more for your body by providing extra nutrition between meals. Oftentimes, snacks may be disregarded or undervalued as”empty calories,” when in reality they are a great chance to increase your daily vitamin, mineral, fiber, protein, and probiotic intake. A great example is this LesserEvil Himalayan Gold Popcorn below. Corn is an excellent source of fiber, coconut oil is a healthy fat that reduces hunger levels, and himalayan salt balances bodily fluids and aids in nerve and muscle function. Try it for yourself here!
Another functional ingredient is ghee; a nutty, aromatic butter that has been simmered and strained to remove all water. Ghee is not only lactose-free, but contains higher levels of Vitamin A and E than regular butter. This Oh My Ghee Organic Popcorn not only contains ghee, but Himalayan salt and non-GMO popcorn - sure to leave you feeling good! Need the Ghee? Buy it here.

Eat Mindfully

Finally, mindful eating involves listening to your body and being intentional about what you consume. Some mindful eating practices include eating with others at set times and places, eating nutritionally balanced foods, not multitasking while eating, and considering where your food is sourced from.
Following these tips can have many benefits and positive health effects. After all, food should make you feel good.
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