Trash Panda Breakfast Essentials

Jul 19, 2022
As many say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why shouldn’t you eat foods with the cleanest ingredients? In this article we will be sharing some of our favorite brands and clean options from yogurts to cereals, that you should be eating to start your day! Use the links throughout the article to save these breakfast essentials and start your own personalized shopping list within the app.

Culina Plain and Simple Yogurt

Culina is one of our favorite finds for clean ingredient yogurts, being as delicious as it is, as well as dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free, you would never even know! This plain and simple yogurt is perfect if you like to enjoy a yummy yogurt on the go! Check out their other flavors here!

Trader Joe's Instant Oatmeal

Trader Joe’s has so many healthy food options, just like this delicious instant oatmeal! This oatmeal is a great pick if you’re someone that enjoys a quick and easy breakfast that will still fuel your body! Find them on amazon.

Purely Elizabeth Vanilla Almond Butter Granola

Purely Elizabeth is another brand that has been at the top of our list for a long time. Their products are so delicious and they use only the best ingredients! This vanilla almond butter granola is just one of their many delicious flavors!

Simple Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix

Finding a pancake and waffle mix without weird additives can be a bit of a struggle, however Simple Mills knows how to do it right! This almond flour pancake and waffle mix is a great option for your next Sunday morning pancake breakfast! Plus it’s gluten-free. Find it on amazon.

Three Wishes Unsweetened Cereal

Three Wishes is one of the best brands of cereal that we have found! Their classic sweet flavor and texture will leave you shocked that their first ingredient is chickpeas! This unsweetened grain free cereal is just one of their many delicious flavors!
Looking for more healthy breakfast options? Don’t forget to use Trash Panda at the store to verify before you buy!
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