Our 10 Favorite Gluten-Free Finds

Jan 25, 2022
Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, or just prefer to limit your gluten intake for other reasons, finding top quality gluten-free products can be hard to do. Many gluten-free options out there either taste terrible or are made with artificial ingredients (or both!)
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Gluten Free Finds
A list of #trashpandaapproved gluten free favorites!
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Not to worry - the Trash Panda team has rounded up our 10 favorite gluten-free products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that we have scanned and tasted so you don’t have to. All the gluten-free options listed below are delicious and #trashpandaapproved - many you wouldn’t even guess are gluten-free.
Did we miss your favorite product? Have you tried any of these? DM us on Instagram to share your favorites! We love to hear from you.
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Gluten-free bread is one of the most basic, but most challenging gluten-free products to buy. But if you’ve got a hankering for some avocado toast for breakfast, we love this option from Simple Kneads. Find it at your local Whole Foods.
There’s nothing better than pancakes or waffles on a Sunday morning, but this “just add water” mix from Birch Benders is also easy enough to whip up on a Monday. We’ve found this in bulk at Costco, or you can order it here.


These crackers from Mary’s Gone Crackers are not only Trash Panda approved with 0 potentially harmful or questionable ingredients, they are also packed with healthful flax and sesame seeds for a boost of fiber. Get them here and top them with some grass-fed cheese or nut butter for a filling snack.
Did someone say 3 ingredients?? We love Larabar for their commitment to simplicity, and their tasty snack bars, all of which are gluten free (and vegan too!)


The quickest and easiest lunch option for busy work-from-home days has got to be frozen pizza. Pop this Cappello’s cheese pizza in the oven and serve with a side of greens for a tasty, nutritious gluten-free treat. Available at Whole Foods.
In more of a taco mood? Enter Siete tortillas, available in Cassava Flour, Almond Flour, or Chickpea Flour options, there’s a flavor to fit your grain-free fancy. Make a quick turkey roll-up with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and some Primal Kitchen mayo, or scramble some eggs with some greens and top with some salsa or Bitchin’ Sauce for some tasty breakfast tacos (for lunch!). Stock up here or add them to your Whole Foods cart.


RightRice is relatively new on the scene, but we’re fans of their original flavor. Although regular rice is also naturally gluten-free, this is a fun alternative that has more the texture of regular rice than cauliflower rice. Get it on Amazon, but beware some of their flavored options that have natural flavors and maltodextrin added.
You know we love pasta, and this gluten-free rice flour pasta from Jovial could definitely pass for the real thing. We love those list of ingredients, and would toss this with our favorite Rao’s pasta sauce for a quick, kid-approved weeknight dinner. Order some here.


You know we didn’t forget dessert. These Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are a staple in our pantry. Although they’re gluten-free, we’re too focused on the big chunks of chocolate and crunchy peanuts to even notice. Also available in Cinnamon Raisin, Mint Chocolate Chunk, and Chocolate Chocolate Chunk. Honestly why would you choose when you can have them all?
We’ve tried a lot of different gluten-free brownie mixes and just keep coming back to this one from Simple Mills because they’re so good. Simple Mills is a go-to for any gluten-free treats from cake mix to cookies, you can’t go wrong. Stock up here, you won’t regret it.
Remember, just because an item is gluten-free doesn’t mean it is made with clean ingredients. If you’re shopping for gluten-free products not on this list, don’t forget to use the free Trash Panda app to scan them for any potentially harmful ingredients. Download below!
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