Our Favorite Yogurt Brands

Jul 13, 2021
Yogurt is one of our all-time favorite snacks or meals. The options and configurations are endless, and it can provide a great source of healthy proteins, fats, and probiotics. However, the food industry has caught on to the popularity of yogurt as a health food.
Many brands now market yogurt that may seem healthy, but in reality is filled with harmful sugars, added flavorings, and artificial colors. It can seem impossible to navigate the many options out there, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and identified some great options to stock your fridge with on your next grocery haul.

Favorite Overall Classic Yogurt: Straus Organic

We love Straus for all dairy products because they are organic and their milk comes from pasture-raised cows. Their yogurt options are no exception, and they offer a few different types that are all delicious: European Style or Greek Yogurt in Whole Milk, Low Fat, and Non-Fat options. Even their flavored options are made from only real food ingredients and organic cane sugar, setting them apart from most other flavored options. We love their simple Whole Milk European Style Plain yogurt.

Favorite Greek Yogurt: Maple Hill Organic Greek

Maple Hill yogurt is made from organic, 100% grass-fed milk, and is relatively easy to find in a variety of stores nationwide. We love that it’s made with only 2 ingredients: Organic Milk and Live and Active Cultures.

Favorite Flavored Yogurt: Siggi's

Many flavored yogurts on the market today are made with artificial ingredients. We love that Siggis’ flavored yogurt has no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, and is made with real fruit. For example, here is the ingredients list for their blueberry flavor:
Pasteurized Skim Milk
Pasteurized Cream
Cane Sugar
Fruit Pectin
Live Active Cultures
Siggi’s also has lots of yogurt options, from non-dariy alternatives to pouches for kids, and drinkable yogurts - you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Favorite Non-Dairy Option: GT's Cocoyo

GT’s is known for their Kombucha, so they know what’s up with probiotics. Their plain coconut milk yogurt contains only 3 ingredients: raw young coconut, raw young coconut water, and 100 billion living probiotics. Their flavored versions are sweetened with stevia.

Favorite Affordable Non-Dairy Option: So Delicious Coconut

Sometimes it can be hard to find a non-dairy yogurt option with whole food ingredients, and at a reasonable price. So Delicious delivers with their So Delicious Coconut Milk non-dairy alternative that has only one questionable ingredient in the Trash Panda App.

Favorite Non-Dairy Splurge: Coconut Cult

Not going to lie, this yogurt is expensive, but if we’re looking for a non-dairy treat, Coconut Cult is where it’s at. With fun flavors like Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Toffee, and Mangos N’ Cream, it’s more like a dessert than your typical yogurt, but is still high in probiotics and made with only the best ingredients and sweetened with coconut nectar.
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