Trash Panda Approved: Sports Snacks For Kids

Sep 21, 2021
It’s an age old problem: what do I bring for my kid’s sports team snack? And what do I eat while I watch the game? We at Trash Panda know that above all, food is fuel. And when it comes to fueling you or your kids, knowing the ingredients in a product is critical. We’ve crafted a list of #trashpandaapproved products and brands that’ll be sure to win over any little athlete (and maybe help win a game or two). Even if you’re spectating from the sidelines or need a pre-workout snack, these products work for everyone. As always, if we missed your favorite, let us know on our Instagram.
And as a thank you for helping us reach 3k downloads, we’re doing a giveaway through our Instagram with YES Bar and LMNT electrolyte powder that you’re not going to want to miss!

YES Bar Strawberry Coconut

We love our friends at YES Bar because their bars are free of GMOs, gluten, grains, dairy, corn, soy, eggs & peanuts: meaning YES Bars are sure to be a hit despite any food allergies your teammates may have. Their variety of flavors are delicious, plant-based, paleo, and vegan. Enter our Instagram giveaway to win this product for yourself!

LMNT Watermelon Salt Electrolyte Drink

While other sports drinks may contain artificial dyes, flavorings, and extreme amounts of sugar, LMNT believes hydration can be sugar free. LMNT electrolyte powder is an excellent source of sodium, potassium, and magnesium while still keeping the same classic sports drink taste. We’re so excited about also teaming up with LMNT on our giveaway through Instagram!

Late July Organic Peanut Butter Minis

You may be familiar with the brand Late July for their delicious tortilla chips and crackers, but these peanut butter minis keep the same non-GMO, organic, real ingredient mission and taste just as good. These are sure to keep your team energized and working hard!

Hälsa Strawberry Oatgurt

Hälsa’s organic yogurt contains no added sugar (obviously we love that), not a single artificial ingredient (love that even more), and its drinkable form makes it perfect to bring for your kid’s sports team. Hälsa truly is a remarkable yogurt brand that tastes just as good.

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

Lesser evil seems to never miss - their products boast real ingredients and taste just as great. These Paleo Puffs are made with organic coconut oil and are the perfect individually wrapped snack to pass out on the field.

Chloe’s Blueberry Pops

A box of these popsicles from Chloe’s claims they’re “just fruit, water, and cane sugar - that’s it!” After a scan through Trash Panda, we believe them. Instead of a postgame pop that’s filled with chemical additives and who-knows-what-else, give Chloe’s a try!

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

Just like everyone else, we love Annie’s. Their organic cheddar bunnies are a familiar favorite and the short ingredients list makes this snack perfect for the sidelines.
We hope this list makes providing team snacks a little bit easier. If you give anything a try or want to enter in our YES Bar/LMNT giveaway, head on over to our Instagram.
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