I Scream, You Scream!

May 25, 2021
Now that summer is just around the corner, we’ve got ice cream on our minds. With all the options out there (flavors! dairy free options!) it can get a little overwhelming in the freezer aisle, but not to worry - we’ve got tips and our favorite #trashpandaapproved options to prevent a major brain freeze. We love using Trash Panda in instances like these, where there are a million options to choose from, or we want to try something new!
When shopping for ice cream, some key ingredients to watch out for are:
, , and
Many of the “low calorie” ice creams like Halo Top also tend to include Sugar Alcohols, which can upset your stomach. Look for ingredients like:
Sometimes it’s just better to go for the real thing! :)

Introducing...Search by Brand!

Whether you’re hesitant to open that freezer door 15 times at the grocery store, or maybe you’re shopping online, we’ve got good news for you - the search function in the Trash Panda App has gotten even better. You can now search by brand name which makes it easier to get relevant results if you’re looking for a specific product or brand option.

Our Favorite #TrashPandaApproved Ice Cream

When shopping for ice cream, we love finding local brands that are using high quality ingredients like grass-fed milk and fresh mix-ins. Since those vary so much based on location, they can be hard to identify more broadly, but here are some options that should be widely available.

Favorite Classic Ice Cream

We love Straus Family Creamery because they use grass-fed, organic milk in all their products from butter, to yogurt, to sour cream, and milk. Their ice cream is no exception, as we found no potentially harmful ingredients in most of their flavors.

Favorite Dairy-Free Option

Coconut Bliss is a great non-dairy option that still has a nice consistency that feels more like real ice cream than some other dairy-free products. Although some of their old flavors do have agave nectar as a sweeter (which isn’t our favorite), they are coming out with new flavors sweetened with organic coconut syrup!

Favorite Sorbet

Although many sorbets have artificial flavors and colors, Sharon’s mango sorbet is almost as simple as it gets!

Favorite Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream bars can be a challenge ingredients-wise, because they tend to have a coating, sandwich layer, or other features that are more complex than a pint of ice cream. However, we did find these bars from Alden’s Organic that don’t have any potentially harmful ingredients and look delicious!
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