Trash Panda's Year in Review

Dec 30, 2021
Since it’s almost 2022, we want to to take this #TrashPandaTuesday to reflect on what a year it has been for Trash Panda and to thank all of you for being along for the ride!
Can you believe that a year ago, the Trash Panda App wasn’t even live in the app stores yet? After two private beta releases in February and March, we went live to app stores at the end of April. Since then we’ve had over 23,000 downloads! We grew slowly at first, hitting 2,000 downloads in the first four months of launch. But it only took an additional two weeks for us to hit 3,000 and it’s been high-speed growth since (about 20,000 in the last four months!) A lot of our followers and downloads found us on TikTok this year, so follow us there if you don’t already. Our most viral videos this year were about products from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Starbucks snacks.
Although we were still in the app development process this time last year, we were already delivering weekly content to your inbox. Our most popular blog posts of 2021 were TP Snack Swaps, Favorite Finds from Whole Foods, and 5 Ways to Find Clean Wine. Take a look in case you missed them! We would love to know what else you would like us to dive deep on, so head over to our Instagram and shoot us a DM.
In the fall we decided to revisit our mission, vision, and branding. Our core mission and vision didn’t change, but it was a great exercise for the team to formalize it. Our mission is to deliver the transparency people deserve about what's in their food, empowering them to shop with confidence and make healthier choices for themselves and their families. In October we officially rolled out the new Trash Panda logo and branding update, and we’re loving how our Trash Panda logo has evolved.
It’s exciting that there are so many Trash Pandas out in the wild, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming in 2022! We’ve got big plans, so keep sharing Trash Panda with your friends and family that would appreciate knowing what’s in their food. The link to download is here.
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