Trash Panda Snack Swaps

Oct 26, 2021
This week, we’re letting the ingredients speak for themselves. While grocery shopping, it is so easy to let convenience take priority and pick classic brands we all recognize. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this - but when it comes to many of these ingredient lists, we think it’s worth pointing out what additives may be hiding in order to help you make an informed decision while food shopping. Additionally, we’re pairing snack categories with Trash Panda approved brands we love, if you do feel like making a swap or two.
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If any of the flagged ingredients surprise you, let us know on our Instagram! You’re going to want to stay updated because as a thank you for 10k+ downloads, we’re planning on doing our biggest giveaway yet soon.
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Soda Swap:

If you’re craving that sweet Cola taste without the Phosphoric Acid or Sodium Benzoate that Dr. Pepper offers, we suggest Olipop’s artificial sweetener free Cinnamon Cola. Or check our their variety pack!

Snack Crackers Swap:

If it’s the classic Cheez-it taste you’re looking for, Annie’s Organic Cheddar Squares are a must. Delicious, certified organic, and made with real ingredients - there’s a reason why these are a fan favorite. Available on Amazon.

Protein Bar Swap:

Protein bars often rely on deceptive marketing claiming how healthy they are when their ingredient list doesn’t line up. While One Bar has creative flavors and are packed with protein, if you’re looking for a shorter ingredient list we’d go with GoMacro, a Trash Panda favorite. Order all the flavors on Amazon.

Candy Swap:

Now, we’re definitely not going to tell you to swap out your favorite candy - especially if it is Reese’s. However, if you’re looking for a peanut butter cup that is actually made of pure chocolate and nut butter, you may want to give Justin’s a try. These are everything! So goof you might want to buy in bulk.

Frozen Food Swap:

To round out our list, we’re tackling frozen options. It’s possible to get that quick and easy meal you’re looking for without sacrificing quality ingredients. The perfect proof? Amy’s frozen options. Whereas competitors use additives such as Guar Gum or Maltodextrin, Amy’s uses frozen vegetables.
Let us remind you that these swaps are not required. However, if you don’t think some of those harmful ingredients are worth the taste and you’re looking for snack alternatives, we want to shout-out our favorite brands. For more Trash Panda Approved Finds (and details regarding our upcoming giveaway), head on over to our Instagram or our TikTok!
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