Sodium Benzoate


Potentially Harmful


A preservative used in processed foods and drinks to extend shelf life. Commonly found in sodas, packaged lemon juice, pickled foods, jelly, salad dressing, soy sauce, and other condiments.
Benzoic Acid
Health Impact
When combined with vitamin C, light, or heat, Sodium Benzoate can form benzene, a strong carcinogen. If over consumed, sodium benzoate can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other symptoms. It can also interfere with the body's intermediate metabolic processes. Consumption of sodium benzoate has been linked with increased reporting of ADHD symptoms in some people. Some people may experience allergic reactions after consuming products that contain sodium benzoate.


Questions and Answers on the Occurrence of Benzene in Soft Drinks and Other Beverages
Food additives: Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, azorubine, and tartrazine modify the expression of NFκB, GADD45α, and MAPK8 genes
Sodium benzoate-rich beverage consumption is associated with increased reporting of ADHD symptoms in college students: a pilot investigation
The role of histamine degradation gene polymorphisms in moderating the effects of food additives on children's ADHD symptoms
Protective role of catechin and quercetin in sodium benzoate-induced lipid peroxidation and the antioxidant system in human erythrocytes in vitro
Sodium benzoate-induced repeated episodes of acute urticaria/angio-oedema: randomized controlled trial
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