Clean Ingredient Coffee Options

Sep 12, 2023

Wake up!

It's time for this week's Trash Panda Tuesday, and we are preparing to help you start your day with clean ingredient coffee options for both morning and night (hint: ice cream!) It is important to start your day off on the right foot, and what better way to enjoy your morning coffee if it also helps fuel your body?
We have gathered a full list of all the best options, keep reading to see some of our personal favorites!
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What to look for when shopping for coffee

When purchasing coffee, it's essential that you buy organic beans whenever possible. Organic coffee beans cannot be genetically modified, and cannot contain additives or other synthetic ingredients. Non organic beans, however, can be heavily sprayed with pesticides, and decaf coffee can even be processed with chemical solvents ethyl acetate or methylene chloride to remove the caffeine.

Ingredients to avoid in coffee

If the coffee you're buying only contains only coffee, the ingredients are not required to be listed on the package. Be sure to check for an ingredients list that would appear if any additives are included like natural or artificial flavors (or just scan it with the Trash Panda App). Many times, store-bought coffee contains ingredients such as Natural Flavors and Artificial Flavors to enhance and modify the taste of the products. These ingredients can be made with hundreds of chemicals, none of which are required to be disclosed on the product label, so it can be hard to determine what ingredients lie within them.

Purity Coffee Single Serve FLOW Pods

Purity's FLOW coffee pods are made with exceptional quality specialty-grade organic coffee beans, lab tested for purity, high in antioxidants, and specifically formulated to support overall health and wellness. The single serve pods make it super easy to enjoy a quick cup of coffee in the morning!

Thrive Market Organic Breakfast Blend

Thrive Market's Organic Breakfast Blend coffee is made with only one ingredient: organic coffee. It is grown using regenerative agricultural practices that enrich soil & promote biodiversity. The rich and smooth flavor of this blend has delicious notes of dark chocolate, toffee, caramel & vanilla, what's better than that?

Chameleon Organic Cold Brew

Not only is Chameleon's cold brew concentrate delicious, but they also value crafting a coffee that protects our planet. Chameleon embraces ethical sourcing, protects the planet, and cares for the folks that grow their coffee. Plus, a box of their cold brew comes with a tap to keep in your fridge so it is easy for you to enjoy a cup whenever you want!

Four Sigmatic BALANCE Ground Coffee

Four Sigmatic has always had a special place in our hearts at Trash Panda. This BALANCE blend coffee has Ashwagandha and Eleuthero Adaptogens infused to help you find a calm and balance body and mind. If you are someone that tends to feel anxious after drinking a cup of coffee, this one is definitely worth a try!

Pic Nik Unsweetened Keto Creamer

For all our milk lovers, the Picnik keto creamer is a great option to still enjoy the taste of a milk creamer in your coffee, but avoid any nut allergies that you may find in other healthy creamers. It is Keto, made with clean-ingredients, and infused with MCT oil to give your brain a boost before heading in to work or school!

Simple Truth Organic Coffee Ice Cream

Now for the fun stuff, Simple Truth organic coffee ice cream can be found at your local Kroger and is the best sweet treat for all your late night ice cream cravings. Although this product does contain cane sugar, every one in a while it is okay to give your body a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth ;)

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