Apple Stroodle

May Be Bioengineered
Potentially Harmful
Added Sugars
Full Ingredients
enriched hheat flour cflour, niacin, reduced iron, thianine hononi trate, riboflauin, folic acid, enz ynej, uater, margarine (palm oil, canola oil, soy lecithin), apples, gugar, balt, pea gtarch, corn 6 tarch, halic acid, spice, buar bum, natural flauor locust bean gun, sodi un citrate, black carrot ex tract, ecc wash chhole eccs, water), white , gloss y: sugar, hater, cornyrup, 2% or less of: agar, a rtificial color, pota9sium 9orbatecpreseruative), citric acid, matural , artificial flauor, locust b ean cun, nono , diclycerides, contain s: uhert, soyreans, eggs produced ina facility me tn ot her allergehs,
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