Palm Oil


An oil extracted from the fruit of oil palms. It is added to foods like nut butter as a stabilizer to prevent the nut oils from separating at the top of the jar. There are two types of palm oil to be aware of: unrefined or red palm oil, which is pressed directly from the palm plant. Unrefined palm oil retains many vitamins and minerals, and is a healthy option when consumed in moderation. Refined palm oil, however, is heavily processed, and is widely used in processed foods.
Palm Fruit Oil,Palm Kernel Oil,Partially hydrogenated palm oil,Palm Olein,Palm Kernel Olein,non-hydrogenated palm oil
Health Impact
Since refined palm oil is highly processed, it is devoid of nutritional value. It is also typically processed with the chemical solvent hexane, which is toxic when consumed. Look for red palm oil which is unrefined and can have health benefits from the vitamins and minerals it contains. It's important to note that the rise in the popularity of palm oil has led to deforestation in the places it is grown: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It's important to look for sustainably grown palm oil that doesn't contribute to these harmful practices which negatively impact our planet and endangered species that live in these areas, and have been linked to human rights violations as well.
Palm olein increases plasma cholesterol moderately compared with olive oil in healthy individuals
Secondary forests offset less than 10% of deforestation-mediated carbon emissions in the Brazilian Amazon
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