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Potentially Harmful
Carmine comes from the cochineal insect and is a color made from cochineal extract using carminic acid. This color, called Natural Red 4, gives a reddish, pinkish, or brownish tint to products like candy, yogurt, ice cream, drinks, medicines, and makeup.
Health Impact
An important concern associated with carmine is its potential to cause allergic reactions in some people. These reactions can manifest as unwanted side effects, and in some individuals, they may even lead to severe anaphylactic shock. Some people, especially children, may be sensitive to food dyes, and have experienced allergic reactions when consuming them. Artificial food dyes have also been linked to increased behavioral problems in children, especially those with ADHD, because they may cause chemical changes in the brain, inflammation, and depletion of minerals that are important to growth and development.
Potential impacts of synthetic food dyes on activity and attention in children: a review of the human and animal evidence
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