Trash Panda Pizza Night Picks!

May 31, 2022

Trash Panda Pizza Night!

A lot of the time, Friday night rolls around and we do not feel like preparing a whole meal. The easiest solution to this is to order a pizza or pop a frozen pizza in to the oven. Some frozen pizzas may seem like a healthy alternative, but Trash Panda can be used to determine what pizzas are actually clean. We have looked all over to find the best alternatives for your Friday night pizza cravings. Below we have listed some of the best ones that can be found in some of your local grocery stores to help you when Friday night rolls around!

365 by Whole Foods Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza

This cauliflower crust cheese pizza from 365 by Whole Foods is one of the best alternatives for a frozen pizza. It has clean ingredients, and you can barely even taste the difference between this pizza and any other thin crust pizza!

Amy's Kitchen Vegan Margherita Pizza

Amy’s Kitchen vegan margherita pizza is one of the best vegan frozen pizza options on the market. You can customize it by throwing on your own choice of veggies or toppings, and the flavors are so delicious! The crust has just the right amount of crisp to soft ratio!

Trader Giotto's Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza

The Trader Giotto’s organic roasted vegetable pizza is a great substitution for someone who wants to enjoy the flavors of a frozen pizza, while still being conscious of ingredients. We are huge supporters of Trader Joe’s and this pizza has moved up to the top of the list for us!

Cali'flour Uncured Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

To all our pepperoni pizza lovers, this pizza is a must. The brand Cali’flour has some of the best frozen pizzas and this one satisfies all the pepperoni pizza cravings that you may have. The flavors are spot on and the ingredients make it even better!

Cappello's Keto Cheese Pizza

For all our people that are Keto, this is the option for you! The Cappello’s keto cheese pizza does everything that a keto pizza should, it has great flavor, easy to cook, and allows for a variety of different customizations!
Next time Friday night rolls around, be sure to keep this list of great alternatives in mind when you are in the grocery store. There are selections for all types of diets and using the Trash Panda app can help you decide what options are good for you!
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