Trash Panda in the App Store!

Feb 23, 2021
We’re excited to share an update on the Trash Panda beta this week, and announce that the app is officially available for pre-order on iOS!
First — an update on the beta. We’re 3 weeks in to our first round of private beta testing with our very first group of users, and we’ve been getting lots of great feedback through our shared WhatsApp chat, the app’s integrated feedback button, and a user survey. Our users are averaging about 18 sessions each so far which has been exciting to see!

Here’s what some of our testers have been saying:

This is so fun to use! So far i’m so impressed with how many products are already scannable and in your system. Thanks for helping us all eat cleaner and therefore feel better!
I’m not someone aiming for 100% clean products in my life, but there were times I would scan a product, see the bad ingredients and then be able to decide, is it worth it? I think I made better choices using the app but without sacrificing foods I really enjoy.
…having the app with me while shopping definitely helps make better choices. Lots to learn, especially that not all salsa is created equal
Everyone has shared their excitement about how Trash Panda has enabled them to understand what’s in their food, and they’ve also provided some great ideas for improvements to the app we’ll be integrating moving forward.
We’re currently excited to welcome sign ups for our second (and final!) round of beta testing that starts in March, and look forward to welcoming more of you to our community. If you’re interested, you can get on the list!
And finally, yes! The app is available in the app store for pre-order. That means you can download the app now, and get it as soon as it’s released — right now we’re on track for April 2021.
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