Trash Panda Approved Emerging Brands!

Apr 23, 2024
At Trash Panda, we're dedicated to bringing transparency to your food choices, so you can shop confidently and make healthier decisions for you and your family. Quality food shouldn't be a luxury, which is why we're passionate about spotlighting new and upcoming brands that offer delicious, wholesome options at affordable prices.
In this blog post, were thrilled to introduce you to a curated selection of smaller food brands that are making big waves in the industry. From nutritious snacks to pantry staples, these brands share our commitment to transparency and quality ingredients.
So, if you're ready to explore some delicious and healthier options for your kitchen, keep reading to discover our top picks for Trash Panda approved new and upcoming food brands!

Over easy Foods

In need of a delicious and nutritious snack bar that's perfect for any time of day? Look no further than Over Easy Bars!
Their soft and chewy oat bars are made from premium ingredients like organic gluten-free oats, all natural nut butter, and protein from cage-free egg whites. Plus they're sweetened only with pure honey -- no artificial sweeteners, oils or gums.
Whether you need a boost of energy before a morning run or a convenient snack to beat the 2pm slump, Over Easy Bars have got you covered. Give them a try and keep it easy!

Shaman Raman

Seeking a healthier alternative to traditional instant ramen? Look no further than Shaman Raman!
Inspired by the gut-brain connection and the impact of food on health, immunity, and performance, Shaman Foods is dedicated to creating convenient foods with high-vibrational ingredients and real nutritional value.
Their original flavor, a soy-free chickpea miso base, is a bold and creamy taste sensation. Made with Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast, Roasted Garlic, Kale, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, and 5 powerful Adaptogenic Mushrooms + Moringa, it's a nutritional powerhouse without compromising on flavor.
Shaman Raman offers the highest level of nutrition and incredible taste in every cup. If you're looking for a convenient, delicious, and nutritious meal option, Shaman Raman is the perfect choice for you!

Happy Pop

Searching for a mood-boosting beverage that's as delicious as it is energizing? Look no further than HappyPop!
Their blends are made with your mood in mind, featuring adaptogen Mucuna Pruriens (dopabean) — a precursor to dopamine, along with 100mg of organic caffeine for energy, and real fruit juices. The fizzy formulas are designed to help you feel happier, energized, and empowered for whatever the day or night throws your way.
HappyPop's mission is to promote a holistic sense of well-being and positively impact lives through their functional blends. So why not give HappyPop a try and discover who you could be at your happiest?
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