Trash Panda App Update: Private Beta Release

Jan 26, 2021
We’re excited to announce that we have already sent invites to our first group of beta testers for the Trash Panda app! These select few people will be the first to get their paws on the app to use while grocery shopping, or to evaluate products already in their pantry.
Here’s what some of our testers are already saying about why they’re excited to try the app:
I like that it takes the “thinking” out of figuring out which products/ingredients are good to buy. I like the concept of being able to quickly scan the product with my phone and get answers without having to go to google search for anything.
I have small children and want to make healthy switches and choices for all of us!
Clean ingredients are super important to me and having an app to help me better understand what I’m purchasing is super exciting!
We’ll be running two rounds of private beta testing, so if you didn’t get into the first group — don’t worry! The second round will be a larger group of testers and is estimated to roll out in March. If you haven’t already, you can get on the list.
In the meantime, the Slytrunk team has been furiously testing the app to get it ready for the beta and we want to show you how cool it is!
Simply scan a product barcode to get instant insights about the ingredients quality:
Wondering what happens if we don’t have the barcode saved in our database?
Capture a photo of the ingredients list! You’ll get the exact same insights about the ingredients.
If you’re wondering when the app will be available in the app store for public download, you won’t have to wait long. We’re targeting April of this year, and it will be available for pre-order in the app stores very soon.
To ensure you don’t miss any updates about the app launch, or if you want to participate in our private beta, sign up here:
Reading ingredients made easy. For quicker, healthier decisions.
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