Trash Panda App Update!

Dec 15, 2020
We’ve been hard at work on the app over the past few weeks and thought it was time we share an update with you about our progress!
The Trash Panda mobile app will make it easy to scan foods while grocery shopping, or search for foods to add to your list. It will identify harmful ingredients in products, and make better quality recommendations. The app will be available on iOS and Android, starting with a private release to our selected beta testers.
Here’s how it the app will work:
Worried that barcode scan won’t actually work? Trust me — we were worried about this too. It’s impossible to keep all products stocked in your database and it’s a bummer we’ve experienced with similar apps to scan something and not get any results.
But here’s the good news — if you scan something and we don’t have the barcode yet, you’ll still have an option to immediately get the same insights by scanning the ingredients text.
At this point, we have the product pages of the app built, with the ability to add products manually and view their results in the app. Check out a few screenshots of real products submitted by Insiders in our private Facebook group:
Based on our progress so far, we’re aiming to get the app into the hands of our first testers in January of 2021! From there, we will continue to broaden our group of testers until we make the decision to release the app to the App store and Google Play store, making it publically available for everyone.
Want first access to the app? Click below to sign up as an Insider and be one of the first to test it out. It only takes a second, and we would love to get your feedback!
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