Trash Panda Launch Day Announced!

May 3, 2021
We’re so excited to finally be sharing the official launch date of the Trash Panda App! It will be landing in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android in just 10 days - on April 29th. The app will be 100% free, and available for anyone to download from the app store. Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram to see our 10-day countdown of our favorite Trash Panda features, and enter to win a prize in our giveaway!

Preorder the App Now

The app is already available for preorder in the App Store and pre-registration in the Google Play Store, so you can order it now and it will automatically install to your phone on the 29th!

What's Next

We’ll be continuing to improve the app by adding new features and releasing updates to the app store based on user feedback. There is a way to submit feedback directly through the app, but we welcome feedback from our Contact Us page as well.

Tell Your Friends!

If you participated in the beta, or are excited about the launch of Trash Panda, please share this article or a link to the app store with a friend so they can check it out too. Finding new #trashpandaapproved products is always more fun with a shopping buddy!
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