Shopping on a Budget

Jan 24, 2023
This week, we are sharing some of our top picks for healthy foods on a budget. Finding healthy options that are affordable can be tricky nowadays, that's why we are here to help! Below we are sharing some of our favorite healthy picks.
Shopping on a Budget!
Cost effective finds that are great for quick, easy, and cheap meals!
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Plus! Although most of our shopping lists are part of the Trash Panda Membership, we've made this week's shopping list for budget-friendly picks FREE. Be sure to check it out within the Trash Panda app for all the finds!

Where to buy healthy food for cheap?

Shopping for healthy food on a budget can be a tough game when you don't know where to look. Trader Joe's offers a variety of frozen dinners for two that range from $5-$10 each. Additionally, Target Stores Good & Gather brand offers a wide variety of healthy canned, frozen, and prepared items for an easy affordable healthy meal. Lastly, Kroger's Simple Truth Organic and Walmart's Great Value brands also offer a great variety of healthy food for cheap. Here are a few of our favs!

How to eat healthy when on a budget?

The best tips we can offer when trying to eat healthy on a budget are:
1. Plan your meals
2. Shop with a list
3. Buy organic food brands (ex. Good & Gather - Target)
4. Use the Trash Panda App!

Want more of the best healthy-budget foods?

Be sure to update the Trash Panda App and check out our full list for shopping on a budget. This list is free for all users and it's available to you as a preview of what a Trash Panda Membership has to offer. Happy shopping!
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