Shop Like Nobody's Watching

May 11, 2021
At Trash Panda, we’re all about doing a little bit better, once we know better, for our health. But we also recognize this journey to better health can be overwhelming for some, or easily become a path to perceived perfection for others.
Many of us carry some amount of guilt, shame, and judgement with us when we interact with food, and there can feel like a lot of pressure in the health space to constantly do more - adopting a strict diet, or banishing, restricting and controlling what we eat.
As trusted participants in your food journey, we at Trash Panda strive to be a safe space, away from that pressure. We’re not here to pile on with content to make grocery shopping even higher stakes, but rather want you to feel empowered and informed to make your own decisions about what’s important to .
We believe you should know what’s really in your food, without having to sift through confusing marketing messages or following the latest diet trend, to find what works best for your body. That doesn’t mean eating 100% “clean” 100% of the time - that means being educated enough to know when a tradeoff is worth it and when it’s not. Sugar in your salad dressing? Maybe not worth it, but in a cookie? Hell yes! It’s all about achieving that balance and understanding those trade-offs for you as an individual.
We’d love for us all to get back to enjoying food we love, away from the baggage of diet culture. So what if we shopped like no one was watching? Without the guilt, shame and judgement? That doesn’t mean unhealthy, but it does mean serving your own desires, rather than fulfilling the expectations of others.
We’re here for you when you’re looking to level up your ketchup, or want to check the crackers you’re buying don’t have any dark secrets. But if you don’t scan your favorite gummy bears at the grocery store, we won’t be side eyeing you from your pocket or purse. We’re just here to arm you with more accurate information when you want it, and there’s no judgement when you don’t.
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