Recipe: Strawberry Protein Pancakes

Aug 16, 2022

Strawberry Protein Pancakes

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We at Trash Panda love this recipe because of how versatile it is! It can be made with any protein pancake mix and with any toppings that you may like. Keep reading to see what products we used, and some of the better protein mixes we’ve found!

Step 1: The Batter

This recipe starts with just a simple pancake mix, water, maple syrup, and cinnamon! Protein mixes can be tricky to find, but below are some of the better protein pancake mixes we have found. Another option would be to use a basic pancake mix and add your own unflavored protein powder or collagen powder for a protein boost.

Protein Pancake Mix

What we used

Although this option from Trader Joe’s is not ideal (it is not organic and has a few flagged ingredients), it is better than some. However, keep reading to find better options!

What you should use

Kodiak Cakes always has some great products when it comes to protein pancake mixes, and these power cakes are a great option with the only flagged ingredient being a little brown sugar.
Birch Benders protein pancake mix is one of our favorite protein pancake mixes because it is packed with protein, and it tastes delicious!
Purely Elizabeth is always a favorite brand of ours, these protein pancakes are a good option relative to most.

What's up with Monocalcium Phosphate?

Many of these mixes contain the ingredient monocalcium phosphate which is used as a leavening agent. The reason this ingredient is labeled potentially harmful is because consuming excess phosphates has been linked to cardiovascular disease and increased risk of heart attacks. This ingredient is not something that should be consumed every day, but a little here and there is ok. Read more here.

Step 2: Cooking

What you cook your pancakes in is just as important as what is going into the pancakes! We used a simple cooking spray to cook our pancakes, but here are some great options:

Spray Oil

The most common spray oil used is PAM, which contains canola oil and palm oil, that both trigger inflammation in the body. A better option is coconut oil or avocado oil.
Kelapo spray coconut oil is a great choice when cooking pancakes, and it is #trashpandaapproved!
Chosen Foods avocado oil spray was the oil that was used to cook the pancakes in this recipe, also a great option!

Step 3: Toppings

Fresh fruit is our go-to topping for pancakes, but if you have a weakness for a good chocolate chip pancake, here are some good alternatives!


What we used

This agave maple syrup from Trader Joe’s isn’t the best option - ideally it would just be a single ingredient - maple syrup.

What you should use

This maple syrup from Maple Grove Farms is made with only 100% pure maple syrup and it is delicious and approved by us!
Joolie’s organic medjool date syrup is made with nothing but organic medjool dates, and it is nothing but delicious!

Chocolate Chips

These organic semi-sweet chocolate baking chips from Whole Foods are our favorite! Definitely a staple in our pantries.
Pascha’s 100% cacao chips are great for people who love the taste of pure dark chocolate just as much as we do, with no sugar added.
Be sure to tag us in your pictures and videos, and let us know if you try out this recipe!
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