Making Healthier New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 4, 2021
It’s early January, and many of us are enthusiastically jumping into a list of resolutions (Happy New Year!). Goals may include losing weight, getting healthier, exercising more, or generally achieving a better version of ourselves. Not to be a downer, but despite our best intentions, we all know how these resolutions typically turn out.
So this year, we want to encourage a slightly different approach to goal setting in order to help you achieve your goals and feel great doing it! If being healthier in 2021 is one of your intentions, here are a couple of tips on how to frame your goals:

1. Start Small

Evidence shows we’re more likely to stick with our goals if we take baby steps. It may be tempting to go after five New Year's resolutions at once, but chances are you’ll be burnt out by February. So start with just one or two goals, and keep them small!
At Trash Panda, we emphasize the impact small improvements can have. For example, instead of “eat 5 servings of veggies every day,” your goal could be to add just one additional serving of veggies each day. Starting small helps the goal feel attainable and sets you up for success. When you achieve the first step, you can always continue to build on it!

2. Be Specific

“Get More Sleep” might sound like a great goal, but what does that mean to you, exactly? We recommend making your goals specific so that you can measure your progress and make it more likely that you’ll be successful. For example, a good goal might be “get in bed by 10:30.”

3. Focus on the Big Picture

If losing weight is your goal, consider why. Focusing on weight or a physical ideal tends to lead to yo-yo dieting and poor body image, which doesn’t lead to happiness or health in the long run. It might be more beneficial to focus on living a healthy lifestyle — goals like getting stronger or feeling more energized, instead of achieving a number on the scale. You are unique, and you deserve to feel your absolute best, so pay attention to how certain foods or exercise programs make YOU feel to find what makes you happy. Know that this may be different than the latest diet or exercise craze, and that’s ok!
Do you want to get healthier but need some inspiration for goals to help you get there? Here are a few tips for healthier grocery shopping — because it all starts with what you bring home from the store!

Goals for Healthier Grocery Shopping

1. Start reading your labels — Look for ingredients you know and can pronounce (aka real, whole foods).
Psst: In 2021, Trash Panda can help you with this by scanning a barcode or ingredients list, identifying harmful ingredients, and offering suggestions for better options!
2. Have a snack before you go — don’t shop hungry! Shopping while hungry can lead to impulse purchases and less healthy choices.
3. Make a list — this will help you stay focused and buy only what you need. This will help you save time and money, make healthy choices, and also reduce food waste.
We can’t wait to introduce the Trash Panda App in 2021 to be your grocery store companion in the quest for quality food. Make sure you’re signed up for our emails to be the first to know when the App is available for download in just a few short weeks!
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