Let's Talk Oat Milk

Nov 29, 2022
One of the most scanned items on the Trash Panda app is oat milk. You scan, and we pay attention! This week we researched what to look out for when shopping for oat milk. Oat milk is just one of the many different non-dairy milk options on the market today. There are many pros and cons when it comes to choosing oat milk over regular milk. Oat milk can be very simply made with just organic oats, however, that’s often not the case. Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients as many of these beverages sneak in potentially harmful ingredients. Below we have found some of the best options to choose from when shopping for oat milk, as well as one to look out for!

Look out for this!

Oat-ly! Original Oat Milk

Oat-ly! is one of the most commonly found oat milks on the market and contains additives such as Dicalcium Phosphate, and Rapeseed Oil, that other options do not. These ingredients are used to help preserve the milk for longer, as well as create more of a creamy consistency.
When consumed regularly, rapeseed oil (similar to canola or vegetable oil) can cause inflammation as it is high in omega-6 fatty acids. Eating too many phosphates is also linked to heart problems and decreased bone health.
Finally, Oat-ly! is not made with organic oats, which means the oats used were likely sprayed with the chemical glyphosate, which has been linked to causing cancer. The occasional Oat-ly! latte is not a big deal, but if you’re drinking this every day, you may want to swap with one of the better alternatives below.

Shop These Oat Milks!

Three Trees Oatmilk with Seeds

Any of the Three Trees products are a great place to start. Their ingredients are super simple and made with only the highest quality nuts and seeds. And that’s what we like to see! Beyond that, the consistency is closer to dairy milk (yes, please!) and more nutrient-dense in healthy fats and protein!

Joi Organic Oat Milk Powder

We love the milk bases made by Joi. This single-ingredient product makes it so easy to make homemade oat milk - just blend with water and enjoy. We love that we can make it creamier to use as a coffee creamer, or thinner for use in smoothies!

Elmhurst Milked Oats

Elmhurst has a collection of simple plant milks and creamers, like this oat milk, which is made with only whole grain oats, salt, and water. Their process uses no gums or emulsifiers to hold their products together. They also pride themselves on using fewer ingredients than other brands, recyclable cartons, and offering a delicious flavor!

Original Oat Malk

Malk is a brand that stays away from fillers, gums, or ingredients you can’t pronounce. Their milk is refreshing, tasty, and dairy-free. This oat malk is made with water, organic gluten-free oats, and Himalayan salt and you can taste the high-quality ingredients!
If you’re every unsure about the ingredients in the oat milk you’re shopping for, just give it a scan with the Trash Panda App so you can find the good stuff.
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