Let's Taco 'bout the Perfect Taco Tuesday

May 3, 2023
Happy Taco Tuesday AND Trash Panda Tuesday! Today we’re bringing you a two-for-one celebration with some of our favorite taco ingredients to make delicious, #trashpandaapproved tacos. The full shopping list of our favorite products is available in the Trash Panda App.

Trader Joe's Corn Tortillas

Trader Joe's never fails to bring us delicious and healthy options, including these corn tortillas! They are not only #trashpandaapproved, but they also hold together pretty nicely! Pro tip: heat them up over a gas flame to get a little char on them. The perfect start to a delicious taco!

Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Next up: meat! We love to see no additives to our meat and that's why Marketside Butcher's Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef is a great option to choose when thinking about what meat will fill your tacos!

No Evil Foods Plant-Based Chorizo Crumbles

This is a great meat substitute for building the perfect #trashpandaapproved taco. No evil foods are a plant-based meat company who's slogan is "made from simple AF ingredients" which we love to hear at Trash Panda!

Siete Mild Taco Seasoning

Of course our tacos need to be seasoned and that's why we share one of our favorite brands: Siete Foods and their delicious taco seasoning. They have a plethora of foods that would be perfect for your Taco Tuesday: tortillas, taco shells, tortilla chips, enchilada sauces, seasonings, beans, and more!

Whole Foods Queso Fresco

To top off our tacos - cheese! Queso Fresco is the ideal cheese to use on your next Taco Tuesday, especially if it's Whole Foods' 365 brand! Their #trashpandaapproved ingredients make for the perfect topping on your tacos.

Kirkland Organic Medium Salsa

Kirkland's organic salsa is delicious and budget friendly! We love to see pure ingredients in our foods and this salsa has all organic vegetables and spices. Use this salsa to top your tacos with or to dip some tortilla chips in!

A Dozen Cousins Spanish Rice

Of course we need sides to go with our tacos! A Dozen Cousins makes only the highest quality and most authentic foods, plus everything of theirs is delicious! Another company that has plenty of goods for your Taco Tuesday: beans, rice, spices, and more!

Organics Fat Free Refried Pinto Beans

Finally, refried beans! A must-have side with tacos! We love when our foods have fewer ingredients in it and these beans only have the beans themselves and some organic seasonings!
We hope you craft some delicious tacos using some of these Trash Panda favorites. Tag us on Instagram when you do! And let us know what other #trashpandaapproved taco products you love!
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