Healthy Snacks For Your Next Grocery Order

Mar 8, 2021
Snacks are an essential part of our day: they give us energy between meals, enhance movie nights, and help stave off that “hangry” feeling. At Trash Panda, when we’re scavenging for a snack, we ideally focus on foods with a good balance of healthy carbs, protein and fat to keep us satiated and stabilize our blood sugar — but we also recognize that sometimes you just want something to munch on, so we need options for that too!
Some of our favorite snacks don’t come in a bag or box (hello apple with peanut butter!), but when we’re out and about or crunched for time, it’s helpful to have something convenient.
Unfortunately, packaged snacks are a category that can be hard to navigate when it comes to potentially harmful or questionable ingredients, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite packaged snacks that are #trashpandaapproved for reference. Comment below and share your favorites with us too!


Sweet Picks:

Savory Picks

Pair these with some homemade guacamole or Original Bitchin’ Sauce to help make them a well-rounded snack!
You can also get product recommendations by searching within the Trash Panda app, or scanning your favorite snacks to see if they contain any harmful or questionable ingredients.
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