Fresh Update!

May 23, 2023

Hello from our General Manager

Hello Trash Panda family! Julia here - founder and general manager. I am excited to share a new Trash Panda brand refresh that arrived this week, and a sneak peek of a major update we have coming. But first, I want to thank you for your support over the past two years. Trash Panda has been growing steadily since our launch in May of 2021, and now has over 170k downloads. We know that much of our growth is attributed to YOU sharing Trash Panda with friends and family. Thank you!
Here are some updates we've made to our branding and voice as we continue to evolve:

Find YOUR Good!

We've always said "Find the Good Stuff" because we believe in staying positive and doing your best when making healthy changes. We've evolved this messaging to be more personalized - because what's good can vary for each person. We hope Trash Panda helps you to make more educated choices at the grocery store, but ultimately it's your call what's right for your body.

There's no wrong food, just your right. Find your good with Trash Panda.

Type 4 All

There's not one type of good. So we needed a real good type.
One that's fun for all. One we can emphasize, that's easy to read while showing off our delightful personality. Well, we found our one. You like it?

Keeping it Real. Simple.

At Trash Panda, we're simply about keeping it real with ingredients. We wanted to translate that concept into our design through simplicity. By only bringing in elements of the UI without the whole interface, we can focus on what's important, showing you the good stuff.

Meet the Team

A special shoutout to everyone on our design team that made this Trash Panda refresh possible!

In the Wild

You like what you see? Please help us spread the word of Trash Panda by sharing the app with someone who would love it. We're here to build a community of awesome people, like you, who are looking to find healthier options for themselves or their families. Happy Scanning!

A Feature that Takes the Cake...

Be on the lookout for a brand-new feature you've been asking for next week. Have a guess for what it could be? Let us know on Instagram.
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