Favorite Finds: Target Snacks

Mar 28, 2022
Happy Trash Panda Tuesday! This week we’re back with a new installment of Favorite Finds, Target edition. More specifically, snacks to pick up the next time you make a Target run. Keep reading for the high-quality snacks (with short ingredient lists) that you need.
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Our favorite finds at Target!
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Good & Gather Olive Oil and Himalayan Salt Popcorn

Good & Gather has nailed it with this Olive Oil and Himalayan Salt Popcorn. High quality, short ingredients list, and amazing flavor.

Mush Blueberry Oats

A fan-favorite, you can shop Mush at Target. These ready to eat oats are the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack, and this blueberry flavor mush is definitely a favorite.

Stryve Original Beef Biltong

If it’s a quick high-protein snack you’re looking for, pick up Stryve the next time you’re at Target. With no added sugar or preservatives, it’s clear they’re Trash Panda approved.

Bee Free Mae's Apple Pie Warrior Mix

Also available at Target is this granola from Bee Free. This grainless granola may be enjoyed out of the bag, as a cereal, topping, or dessert. It’s also plant based and dairy free!

Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps

Target also carries Off the Eaten Path products. We recommend these veggie crisps, but if you try their other chips, make sure to scan their other products for harmful or questionable ingredients.

Good & Gather Unsweetened Dried Kiwi

These unsweetened dried kiwi from Good & Gather have all the flavor and none of the additives. Give them a scan and see for yourself.

Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar

Four Sigmatic Balance Coffee

Looking for a cup of coffee to go with your afternoon snack that won’t give you the jitters? Look no further than Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee, now available at Target stores in southern California and on Target.com. Their Ashwagandha & Eleuthero Adaptogens Balance coffee is half-caff and blended with adaptogens to help manage stress and you feel your best.
Lastly, for a granola bar recommendation we’re going with Larabar. Target carries this Chocolate Coconut Chew bar - made with simple ingredients, it’s a great find.
If you give any of our favorite finds a try, let us know on our Instagram - we hope they’ll become some of your favorites too. Also, be sure to leave us a review in the App store!
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