Favorite Finds: Target

Jul 27, 2021
Target is everyone’s go-to for snacks, clothes, and everyday household items, and we could get lost in there for hours. You may go in with a list, but you know that Target will end up telling you what you need! Their grocery selection has been growing to offer many high-quality, affordable products too, so this week, we are sharing a handful of our favorite products found at our local Target.

Good & Gather Blue Corn with Flax Seed Tortilla Chips

These delicious organic tortilla chips pair great with salsa or can be used to make delicious nachos. They also score perfectly in the Trash Panda App!

Good & Gather Unsweetened Dried Mango

We love when we find products with only one ingredient: the food itself! These dried mango slices have only one ingredient: organic mango. They make a perfect snack, especially when you’re on the go!

Good & Gather Unsweetened Creamy Almond Butter

Another yummy find with only one ingredient: almonds! No salt, no oils, no preservatives...just how we like our nut butters. Pair this creamy almond butter with celery or use it in your protein smoothies, and you have yourself a delicious almond-filled snack.

Fruit and Veggie Puree Pouches

Your mini Trash Pandas will love these pouches for on-the-go snacks! They are filled with organic fruits and veggies and have no added sugars or preservatives.

Perfect Bar: Almond Butter

These chewy granola bars are perfect for school lunches or just a midday snack. They are high in protein and contain some added nutrients from fruit and vegetable powders, but have a sweet delicious taste thanks to the organic almond butter and honey.
We hope you can find some of these great options at your local Target on your next grocery haul. The more Trash Pandas who buy these products in-store, the more likely that they’ll stick around. We’d love to hear what #TrashPandaApproved products you find at your local store - use the Trash Panda App to find those quality products and head over to our Instagram to share your Target favorites!
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