How to Craft the Perfect Cheese Board

Aug 24, 2021
Cheese boards might be one of the most crowd-pleasing appetizers you can serve. We love how versatile they are - they can be seasonal, easily catered to different preferences, and even become a whole meal. We have some tips on how to make a wow-worthy cheese board, as well as some favorite product recommendations to keep it #trashpandaapproved. We’d love to hear what some of your must-haves are on your own snack boards - head over to our Instagram post to share!

The Essentials

In addition to your cheese, we recommend including one or two foods from the following groups:
A starch, like crackers or baguette
Fruits, fresh or dried
Veggies, fresh or pickled
Charcuterie, such as prosciutto or salami

Mix it Up

Choose 3-4 different cheeses that are all unique. For example, something hard, something soft, something funky, and then a fan favorite. We also like to mix it up between cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, and goat’s milk varieties.


Dips/Toppings: Mustard, honey, and preserves paired with your cheese bring it to the next level. One of our favorite pairings is manchego cheese + fig jam
Pickles, olives, etc.
Nuts - anything you love goes. Marcona almonds are delicious!
Here are some of our favorite #trashpandaapproved products to provide some inspo for your next cheese board creation.

Buf Creamery - Baocconcini Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is a great fan-favorite, soft cheese option. We love that this one has all real ingredients.

Whole Foods - Garlic and herb goat cheese

The herbs add a great spin to spice up this goat cheese, and we love that it’s organic.

Sunny Fruit - Organic tender & juicy dried smyrna figs

It can be hard to find dried fruit without questionable added ingredients. These figs have no additives!

Mary’s Gone Crackers - Organic herb crackers

We love all of the Mary’s Gone Crackers options, and these are great with cheese.

Hu Kitchen - Dark chocolate gems

These are the perfect small extras to add some sweetness to your board.

Trash Panda SWAP: Keebler Club Crackers Original

These have a lot of potentially harmful and questionable ingredients - luckily there are tons of better options!
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