Clean Ingredient Bread Picks

Aug 8, 2023
Shopping for healthy bread in the grocery store can be extremely challenging; the prevalence of refined grains, added sugars, and artificial additives seem to be the norm. Throw in misleading labels on top of these ingredients, and finding actually nutritious choices seems impossible! This Trash Panda Tuesday, we're sharing 4 of our favorite picks here. Plus, we've got a full list of 25+ TP approved bread picks for premium members here.
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Dave's Killer Powerseed Bread

Packed with nutrient-rich seeds and grains, Dave's Killer Bread is a hearty and flavorful option! Perfect for sandwiches or toast, this pick will provide a wholesome boost to any meal. Fun fact: this product has been scanned over 500 times in Trash Panda!

Base Culture Keto Bread

Created with a focus on pure keto ingredients, this Base Culture Keto Bread allows you to enjoy the familiar taste you love while still adhering to a ketogenic, gluten-free, dairy-free, or paleo diet. Unlike other gluten-free options, Base Culture uses zero artificial ingredients and includes nutritious additives like arrowroot flour and golden flax for a nutty and sweet taste.

Alvarado Street Multi-Grain

We love Alvarado Street Bakery for it's wonderful blend of whole grains and lack of refined sugars or canola oil (which you can often find in other brands). Its combination of grains provides a rich source of dietary fiber and nutrients, aiding a balanced and wholesome diet.

Izzio San Francisco Sourdough

Capturing the essence of traditional San Francisco sourdough, Izzio offers a delicious flavor free of fillers and artificial additives. This sourdough is perfect with soups, spreads, or alone - giving you a truly artisanal experience!
These are just 4 picks - for our full list of recommendations, head on over to the app and find the shopping list. As always, if you have thoughts or feedback, let us know on our Instagram! Happy scanning!

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