Back to School Snacks

Aug 22, 2023
As we gear up for the back-to-school hustle, let's not underestimate the power of good snacks. While many products may claim to be healthy and good for kids, the ingredient label never lies. Healthy, clean ingredient products between classes don't just keep us going, they help us stay sharp and on top of our game!
This week, we've got our list of back to school snack picks - Premium Trash Panda members have access to the full shopping list of over 30 items.
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Sunnie Pizza Dippers

We absolutely love Sunnie's Flatbread Pizza Dippers because they have the familiar flavor and portable design of the snacks from childhood; but without any of the additives. These pizza dippers are perfect for on-the-go, and their high quality ingredients will leave you energized and ready for the day! They also have a Sunbutter & Jam dipper and Hummus Dipper!
With a focus on organic, clean and minimally processed ingredients, Sunnie aims to bring all the nostalgia and none of the junk to snacktime. Started by Moms who were tired of seeing the amount of junk on the market, they built Sunnie to meet families at the intersection of nutrition and convenience. Find them at Lazy Acres, Erewhon, Gelson's, Bristol Farms or e-grocers Hungryroot and Good Eggs and their website

GoMacro Kids Bar

GoMacro offers energy bars that are delicious, nutritious, and designed with growing kids in mind. These bars are the perfect fuel for an active lifestyle while still offering kid friendly flavors like this Double Chocolate Brownie Macrobar.

Every Body Eat Crackers

These crackers from Every Body Eat are made with extra virgin olive oil and include chia seeds. With a short ingredient list you can read and understand, we love these crackers when paired with hummus, cottage cheese, string cheese or any favorite dip.

Artisana Raw Almond Butter Packet

While other nut butters may have added sugars, stabilizers, or seed oils, Artisana uses one ingredient in this raw almond butter packet: you guessed it, almonds. The individual packets made this perfect to toss into any backpack and enjoy with a banana or on it's own!
While these are just 4 of the many products we love & will be packing in lunch boxes, the full list of products can be found here. If we missed anything or you have thoughts on these products, let us know on our Instagram!
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