8 Clean Plant-Based Products

Nov 11, 2022

Who is Meghan Swidler?

Meghan Swidler, also known as @thatplantbasedgal on IG, is a Holistic Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Consultant with a focus on gut health, hormone health, cleansing and detoxification, and cellular regeneration through her 1:1 coaching practice. She recently self-published and launched her book - FROM WITHIN - a 164-page guided handbook to help you adopt a plant-forward food routine, increase your energy and vitality, reduce digestive distress, boost your mental health, and regain your confidence. She shares what has made (and continues to make) a tremendous impact on her life more broadly and partners with individuals and companies in their transformational journeys towards better holistic health and wellness, which is the foundation of an abundant life.

The Situation

The biggest problem in today’s society is that people are always looking for quick fixes, hacks, and shortcuts when there is frankly no such thing. There are a lot of new “clean”, “better-for-you” brands and products on the market these days. Sadly, most aren’t as healthy as they claim to be and have refined seed oils, gums, additives, preservatives, and a bunch of other no-name chemicals and toxins that are harmful to your body.
With that being said, it is always most important to focus on eating real, whole, unprocessed foods with absolutely no labels as much as possible, as this is your gateway to using food as medicine. These foods are full of life force energy (also known as ‘prana’ or ‘chi’!) and are the foods that nature intended for us to eat. Sadly, most foods sold today are completely devoid of this energy. The more we include high-energy foods into our diet, the more we enhance our own energy and health as well as our resistance to disease. You can find a comprehensive grocery list broken out by category in Meghan’s book.
If you decide to buy packaged foods at a grocery store, try to do your due diligence as a consumer. Your body is your own home, so take care of it.

Tips for clean shopping

Read labels diligently. Don’t buy something if you see an ingredient that you don’t even understand and/or an ingredient that surprises you. Lots of these so-called “healthy” food products have gums, fillers, preservatives, and additives to make them have decent flavor, consistency, and shelf life. is a great resource for this!
Read labels, again, even if you have purchased the product before. Companies often take advantage of their customers’ loyalty and subsequently change their ingredients to improve their profit margins and scale their businesses.
If you don’t know whether or not you should buy a specific product because of an ingredient you’re unsure of, ask someone or look it up in the Trash Panda app!
Buy food and beverage products that are USDA-certified and non-GMO as much as possible.

Meghan's Picks!

Here’s a list of eight products that she can really stand behind. Again, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of clean plant-based products or brands broken out by category, buy Meghan’s book - FROM WITHIN.

Ella's Flats Seed Crackers

Ella’s Flats savory seed crisps are gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, high-fiber, vegan, crunchy, filled with healthy fats and plant-based protein, and so satisfying! You can enjoy them on their own, sprinkled into salads, or dunked into dips like hummus or guacamole, and are a great alternative to bread or other crackers. This is one of Meghan’s go-to recipes using Ella’s Flats seed crackers, and it’s perfect for a quick snack or lunch when paired with a leafy green salad.

Actual Veggies Burgers

It can be difficult to find veggie burgers that don’t have additives, gums, and refined seed oils. Luckily, Actual Veggies make their burgers JUST with veggies so that you don’t have to worry about any hidden ingredients. You can enjoy them on their own, on a gluten-free bun/bread, and/or pair them with a salad or roasted veggies for a delicious meal.

Siete Foods Tortilla Chips

Most tortilla chips that you will find in today’s grocery stores are unfortunately cooked using refined seed oils. Siete Foods has a line of tortilla chips that are cooked using unrefined avocado oil, making them a perfect option when paired with salsa, guacamole, hummus, or any other clean dip you may have on hand!

Sacred Serve Ice Cream

Most plant-based ice creams on the market are just as unhealthy as their milk-based alternatives. Sacred Serve ice cream is made with potent superfoods, adaptogenic herbs, and medicinal mushrooms, without the use of any artificial ingredients. Additionally, their ice creams are also naturally sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar. To make things even better, their packaging is 100% plastic-free and fully compostable/biodegradable.

Monty's 'Dairy' Products

While many dairy or dairy-free products are filled with weird fillers and gums, Monty’s has committed to making nut-based (cashew) cream cheese and butter with real ingredients. You can use these products to replace the traditional cream cheese, butter, and other dairy products in your home. Try the cream cheese on top of artisanal sourdough breads/products and even the Ella’s Flat seed crackers mentioned above!

Lovebird Cereal

Lovebird Cereal was made by a father previously working in the big food industry looking to take care of his daughter and to replace junk food with real food. Lovebird is one of the first cereal brands on the market without refined grains, refined sugars, refined inflammatory seed oils, or artificial/filler ingredients. Instead, the cereals are full of nutrient-dense cassava and coconut and are sweetened with honey and coconut sugar. This is a perfect option for kids (and for adults who enjoy their cereal!).

Good Food For Good Condiments

We all love our ketchup, BBQ sauces, and other condiments, but not when they’re loaded with refined sugars, which they often are. Good Food For Good makes tasty condiments that are naturally sweetened with superfood dates and are free of any refined sugars, soy, corn syrup, gluten, dairy, or other preservatives. If you wouldn’t add it to a sauce when cooking from scratch, then you won’t find it in their products! They are perfect for the entire family to enjoy with a variety of meals.

Livemore Organics Frozen Smoothie Cups

Nutrient-packed organic smoothies are a great breakfast option for busy adults and kids. However, it can be hard to always have fresh fruit and veggies on hand! LiveMore Organics provides 100% certified organic smoothies filled with fruits (handpicked, frozen, and packaged within 24 hours), vegetables, and other superfoods straight to your door. Since they are pre-made in individual smoothie cups, all you need to do is add water or plant-based milk, blend on high until creamy consistency is achieved, and pour back into the cup to have a smoothie ready in minutes!
If you loved this article and want to continue following Meghan’s journey, check out her Instagram @thatplantbasedgal to find simple, healthy recipes, the real truth about ingredients and brands, nutrition/health tips, discount codes for the brands/products she loves and uses regularly, and a sneak peek into her everyday life. Also, be sure to use the Trash Panda app to ensure you are getting nothing but quality food!
If you’re looking for more hands-on support, currently feel stuck/stagnant, and are truly ready to start your transformational journey towards better holistic health and wellness, book a 30-minute consultation to connect with Meghan directly and further discuss her 1:1 coaching programs, which you can also find on her website.
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