5 Essential Beach Snacks

Jul 12, 2022
Heading to the beach can be an all day adventure, and it is very important to have nutritious snacks and stay hydrated! We searched to find some of the best on-the-go snacks and drinks to bring with you on your next beach day. Keep reading to see what we have found, and use the links provided to start your own beach snacks shopping list within the app!
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Clean Ingredient Beach Day Snacks
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Suja Organic Juice

Suja has a great variety of options when it comes to fresh pressed juices. They use only locally sourced and organic ingredients in their products, and this watermelon probiotic is just one of their many delicious flavors!

Nomz Energy Bites

Nomz believes that what you put in your body is important and these coconut energy bites definitely show it! These are the perfect on-the-go snack to pack with you next time you are headed to the beach and want an extra boost of energy! Find them on Amazon

Siete Potato Chips

Siete is always a favorite of ours, and if you love munching on chips at the beach just as much as we do, these kettle cooked potato chips are for you! With the only ingredients being potatoes, avocado oil, and sea salt, how can you pass these up!? Stock up on Amazon

Lesser Evil Peach Mango Popcorn

Lesser Evil provides us with a fun way of enjoying popcorn with their interesting flavors that are perfect for a summer beach day! This peach mango popcorn is delicious and such a fun snack to enjoy while lounging on the beach! Available on their website

Skinny Dipped Super Dark Almonds

Who doesn’t love a good chocolatey snack on the beach? I know we do and these super dark + sea salt almonds from Skinny Dipped get the job done! Plus, the coating on these almonds prevents them from melting in the hot sun, its a win-win! Get them here.
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