Meet the Trash Panda Team!

Apr 13, 2021
We’ve had a lot of new people join the Trash Panda community since we started this journey, so we thought it might be fun to share a bit about the people behind the Trash Panda brand, and how the idea for Trash Panda came to be. We’ve got some exciting news coming next week, and are so grateful for this group that has supported us since Day 1 - thank you!

Who makes up the Trash Panda team?

Trash Panda was created and is owned by the team at Slytrunk. We’re a small company that specializes in software development. Although we typically work on products for partners, we created Trash Panda within our team and are investing in it ourselves to make it a success.
Within the larger Slytrunk team, Trash Panda is managed by me - Julia Putzeys! I brought the original concept of the Trash Panda app to the team, and now manage the business as well as product management. Also on the Slytrunk team are Ben Dalziel who manages the product team and did the Trash Panda visual design, Phil Flores and Shawn Robinson who developed the mobile apps and website, and our interns Olivia Mummery and Zach Crawford who help out with all things, including social content and data management. My sister Katie Intihar is also consulting with us to help guide our marketing strategy! You’ll see many of us over on our Instagram account.

Where did the idea for Trash Panda come from?

Shortly after moving to San Diego, I came to the realization that what I knew about nutrition wasn’t the whole story. I had focused too much on calories, and not enough on quality - which reframed how I understood health. I decided to become certified as a nutritionist, and spent the next year taking a course through the Nutritional Therapy Association as a side-gig while I continued to work as a product manager at Slytrunk. When the opportunity arose to bring an idea to the table for a Slytrunk-owned product, I knew exactly what I wanted to create - the Trash Panda app.

What are your goals for the next year?

Our mission at Trash Panda is to deliver the transparency people deserve about what’s in their food, empowering them to shop with confidence and make healthier choices for themselves and their families. Over the next year, we hope to ensure those who want the app can discover and download it for free. (Stay tuned next week for our timeline to release the app publicly!) This year is big for us as we roll out the app to consumers, and evaluate its potential for world dominance!

Where is the team located?

Since the Slytrunk is a mostly remote team (even pre-Covid!) we’re all over the US. Ben and I are based out of Encinitas, CA where we have our home office. The rest of the Trash Panda team is based out of Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Richmond, VA.

What are some of your favorite Trash Panda approved snacks?

Katie: Apple with

How can I follow along with your progress?

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