Thanksgiving Give Back Drive

Nov 22, 2022
With Thanksgiving at the end of this week, we wanted to take some time to talk about the prevalent issue of food insecurity in the United States and globally. We understand the power of having choices when grocery shopping is a privilege - and want to share some resources to help support the fight against food insecurity.
In this week’s blog post, we’ll share some statistics, some resources, and some charities focused on eliminating food insecurity. In keeping with this theme, we’re hosting a give back drive over on our Instagram (where you can also find some of this information). Finally, for every membership subscription purchased in the upcoming week (from today to Friday), we will donate 50% of the proceeds to Feeding America.
“A person is food insecure when they lack regular access to enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life” (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2022). Food insecurity may occur due to lack of access to food and/or resources. Hunger is defined as the painful or uncomfortable physical sensation resulting from insufficient dietary energy. Therefore, someone who is severely food insecure has likely also experienced hunger.

Between 700 and 830 million people in the world faced hunger in 2021

Food insecurity has been shown to have a wide impact; causing serious health issues, making it difficult for children to learn and grow, and forcing difficult decisions for families like choosing between food and rent, bills, and transportation (Feeding America, 2022).

According to the USDA, more than 34 million people, including 9 million children, experience food insecurity in the United States.


Here are some places to learn more about the state of food insecurity in our country and globally:

Non-Profits Focused on Food Insecurity

If you’re interested in donating to families who are struggling with food insecurity this holiday season, please consider giving your time or resources to the following non-profit organizations:
Finally, as mentioned, we will be giving 50% of membership subscription purchases to Feeding America for subscriptions purchased TODAY through Friday. If you’re interested in participating, simply subscribe to premium from Settings —> My Account in the Trash Panda app, and be sure to remain subscribed after the free trial period.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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