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Aug 23, 2022
As we approach the final days of summer, we found it fitting to create a list of our favorite prepackaged and frozen entrees. More often than not, these types of products can contain long ingredient lists with plenty of potentially harmful additives, but it’s helpful to have some convenient options, especially if you’re going back to school. Our intern Gianna, who is heading back to college next week, shares some of her favorite products made with real ingredients.
Feel free to send this list to someone heading out to the dorms, to a new apartment in a college town, or someone who simply wants the benefit of a quick and delicious meal, and make sure to add these to your own shopping list within the app!

Amy's Breakfast Burrito

Everyone needs an easy breakfast option for a busy day, and we love these Amy’s breakfast burritos made with organic ingredients. Keep a few of these in the freezer when you’re in a pinch.

Dr. Praeger's Egg White Breakfast Bowl

Another easy breakfast option made with real food ingredients - these Dr. Praeger’s Egg Whites and Kale Breakfast Bowls!

Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

Ramen, without the MSG! Just cook these Organic Ramen Noodles from Lotus Foods in some broth and add any of your favorite meat or veggies. Pro tip - we’ve seen these at Costco recently so you can really stock up! Also available on Amazon.

Tattooed Chef Buddha Bowl

If you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner that involves a few more veggies than pizza, this Buddha Bowl from Tatooed Chef is a great option!

Trader Joe's Kale Gnocchi

We love Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi, in the plain and kale options! Just add your favorite jarred tomato sauce (we like Rao’s) and you have a delicious dinner. Pro tip: pan-fry these in oil (rather than cooking in water) to make them crispy, not soggy.

Realgood Foods Steak Burrito Bowl

It’s so hard to find frozen meals made with real ingredients, but these grain-free Realgood bowls fit the bill! Made with steak, cauliflower, beans, and pico de gallo.
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